M7 Smooth Nuts

M7 Smooth Nuts

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M7 smooth split rim assembly nuts. These nuts are suitable for select three piece and two piece split rim/modular wheels, such as BBS, OZ Racing, Schmidt, Gotti, Work, Kerscher, RH plus many more (dependent on specific manufacturer model*). These are the perfect finishing touch when refurbishing your split rim/modular wheels. Just select the quantity of bolts you need above*.

*If for any reason we fall short of stock on this item we will send out our serrated variant.


Sold in multiples of 10 starting at 80.


  • Class 10 Steel (10.9 HT)
  • 14mm Flange Diameter
  • 10mm Hex Head
  • 7mm Head Length
  • Accomodates our M7 Bolts
  • 1mm Thread Pitch
  • Zinc Plated